The Adelaide Observatory

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Come and experience Astronomy with us!


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The Adelaide Observatory comemnced in 1988/89, built by volunteer parent labour, and the Dome
building is officially known as the Emanuel Papaelia Observatory after the science teacher who championed the establishment of an Observatory located at The Heights School.

In 1996/97, a second building with a roll off roof was constructed, again by parent labour, and is officially known as The Ingham Family Rooms in recognition of the substantial involvement and contribution of members of the Inghams family.

The Adelaide Observatory continues its focus on practical astronomy for school students, and also undertakes a broader community outreach role.


To provide children with practical experience in Astronomy and a basic understanding of astronomical theory.

To promote astronomy to the general public.

To make kids, and Mums and Dads, go "Wow!!"

Adelaide Observatory
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